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Answer to Musical Trivia Question # 2

The All-Time Best Album of the 20th Century is


(drum roll please . . . )

by The Beatles!

Released: 1966
US Peak Chart Position: 1
UK Peak Chart Position: 1

The Songs (in order from Side One:)

1 Taxman 2 Eleanor Rigby 3 I'm Only Sleeping 4 Love You To 5 Here, There And Everywhere 6 Yellow Submarine 7 She Said, She Said 8 Good Day Sunshine 9 And Your Bird Can Sing 10 For No One 11 Doctor Robert 12 I Want To Tell You 13 Got To Get You Into My Life 14 Tomorrow Never Knows

Musicologist Colin Larkin surveyed over 200,000 music critics and fans from the U.S. and Europe to compile his book Virgin All-Time Top 1000 Albums.

Colin Larkin's survey covered virtually all albums recorded in 20th Century — from Billie Holiday's Billie's Blues in 1935 to Be Here Now by Oasis (1997) to Radiohead's OK Computer.

According to Larkin's rating synopsis:

"Music critics have always preferred Revolver to its famous successor {Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band}, while fans were at first a little wary of the brilliantly bizarre Tomorrow Never Knows, the Eastern promise of Love You To or the good-time brass of Got To Get You Into My Life. Years of repeated listening unfolds quite gems such as Harrison's exceptional I Want To Tell You and Lennon's wondrously hazy I'm Only Sleeping. McCartney was also on a creative roll with the unabashed and brave Romanticism of Here There And Everywhere and the classical sadness of Eleanor Rigby. Subtly original and beautifully recorded {with producer George Martin}. A shamelessly perfect album."

Songwriters Resource Network enthusiastically concurs with the selection. "Brilliant songwriting is always a primary component in determining the ultimate greatness of any album," commented Steve Cahill, SRN president. "No matter what style of music you enjoy, it's impossible to deny the astonishing level of songwriting on Revolver."

To see the entire listing of selected albums, read Larkin's Virgin All-Time Top 1000 Albums.


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